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Temporary Strainer Outline Drawings and Pressure Drop Chart

Temporary Strainer Pressure Drop ChartYou can use the differential pressure chart to estimate the approximate clean pressure drop across a temporary cone or basket style strainer.

The chart data is based upon water and perforations ranging from 1/8" to 1/16".

To approximate the pressure drop for mesh lined temporary cone and basket strainers apply the following multipliers to the chart data.

  • 40 mesh: 1.2 mult.
  • 60 mesh: 1.4 mult.
  • 80 mesh: 1.6 mult.
  • 100 mesh: 1.7 mult.

As an example, the estimated clean differential pressure for a flow rate of 60 GPM with a 2" size temporary cone or basket strainer is 2 PSI; if it were a 60 mesh lined configuration, it would be 2 PSI x 1.4 = 
2.8 PSI.

You can download the GA outline drawing for cone, basket and plate style temporary strainers below: