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Model 91 Tee Strainers


Tee strainer with quick opening cover

Model 91 tee strainers are a compact simplex strainer custom fabricated per whatever will satisfy your requirements.  In addition to being a very compact design, the model 91 can also be installed vertically (flow path downwards) and you can remove the screen without having to drain the strainer housing.


When you compare the flow coefficient values of the model 91 tee strainers and model 90 basket strainers you'll notice that they are very similar, meaning you can take advantage of the compact size without sacrificing (making higher) your clean differential pressure.  This is possible due to the special convoluted screen design which increases the total filtration area available.


The greatest difference between tee strainers and basket strainers is the volume of particulate which can be retained.  The screen design and vessel size for tee strainers is less than it is for a corresponding size basket strainer, which means that tee strainers are better suited for applications having a low percentage of particulates.  This makes tee strainers ideal as condensate and boiler feed pump suction strainers due to their low clean differential pressure and the expected volume of particulate low.


Our website lists the most common configuration within the 2" and 24" sizes, which have either flanged or butt weld connections and are based upon either 150# or 300# pressure class designs.  You will also notice we offer two types of screen chamber closure, bolted and quick-opening.  The quick-opening design enables quicker access to the screen chamber and is generally acceptable for the lower pressure 150# pressure class design.


If you have an application for a higher pressure class design, and exotic alloy, special coatings or other customization which aren't shown online, please use our inquiry form to describe your design criteria so we can issue a proposal.


Internal/External coatings per a customer's specification
Non-destructive examination (L.P., X-ray, PMI, UT, MT, LD) 
Welding procedures (WPS, PQR, WPQ)
ASME U code stamp 
ASME UM stamp (where applicable) 
CRN registration 
ASME code calculations
Certified material test report
NDE report
Seismic calculations
Wind load calculations
Domestic export documentation


We've taken a unique approach to this website.  We list our tee strainers by material in order from smallest to largest size and in addition to discounted pricing, we provide links to their outline drawing and embed a differential pressure calculator within the webpage to help ensure the strainer you choose is properly sized for the intended application.


Of course you can always contact us for immediate assistance and the best way to receive assistance is to complete our application oriented inquiry form.