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Simplex Strainers

Hayward simplex strainer made of clear Eastar copolyester

Simplex strainers, also sometimes referred to as basket strainers, are used to protect equipment and processes downstream from particulates.  Since simplex strainers have only one basket chamber, the process flow must be interrupted to access the strainer basket for cleaning once the differential pressure exceeds 5 PSI.


Simplex Strainers are available for pipeline sizes up to 36", although usually the larger size pipelines benefit from automatic or duplex style strainers.  Simplex strainers are also available in just about any material you can think of; there are really two classifications of manufacture, strainers which are cast or molded and custom fabricated strainers.


Cast and molded simplex strainers are the most common type because they tend to be the most readily available and cost less than custom fabricated strainers.  Our cast and molded simplex strainers are available in the following materials:

  • Cast iron
  • Ductile iron
  • Bronze
  • Carbon steel
  • 316SS
  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • GFPP
  • PTFE
  • PVDF

Although the above materials are the most common, we can cast strainers in Duplex SS, Alloy 20, Titanium and other "exotic" alloys, although the corresponding foundry-based lead time is typically 12+ weeks.


The downside of cast and molded strainers is they cannot be customized; for applications requiring higher pressures, a corrosion allowance, ASME code stamp, specific external/internal coatings and flanged vent/drain ports, custom fabricated simplex strainers are required.


Custom fabricated strainers cost more due to the labor required to fabricate them and the lead time ranges from 8 to 20 weeks depending upon the strainer size.  The most common size fabricated simplex strainers (2" through 10") have lead times of 8-10 weeks.  The larger strainers and strainers which require customizations take longer due to the additional engineering and procurement time required for raw materials.


The most common materials of construction for fabricated simplex strainers are carbon steel ASTM SA 516 GR.70 or 316L SS, however practically any alloy available in plate form can be converted into a simplex strainer.


We've set-up the navigation into three sections:


  1. Model: Describes the features of each model to help you fully understand that models specific design.

  2. Alloy: Listing of all simplex strainers by alloy material, simply go to that page and we'll list all of the various models available in order of connection size.

  3. Non-Alloy: This is the listing of all the molded simplex strainers we offer, as with the alloy section choose the material you are interested in and you'll get a list of all the strainers available in that material.


Each strainer list includes a link to its' respective outline drawing, the part number and discounted price.  We also include an embedded calculator to assist you with selecting the proper size simplex strainer because it s not necessarily as simple as matching the strainer inlet to your existing pipeline size!  We are pleased to assist you with proper selection of a simplex strainer, the best way for us to assist you is for you to fill-out our application-based inquiry form and we'll usually reply within 24 hours.

Hayward SB series simplex strainer made of black GFPP
Eaton model 90 custom fabricated simplex strainer  Eaton model 72SJ steam jacketed simplex strainer 
O.C. Keckley ductile iron simplex strainer   O.C. Keckley model BGFV cast bronze simplex strainer 
O.C. Keckley cast steel 300# simplex strainer  O.C. Keckley style GFV cast iron simplex strainers 
Eaton model 72 simplex strainer  Eaton model 73 cast iron simplex strainer  Eaton model 72L TEFZEL lined cast steel simplex strainers   Eaton model 510 simplex strainer with 4 basket design