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Model 90 Fabricated Simplex Strainers


Model 90 custom fabricated simplex strainer

Model 90 simplex strainers are custom fabricated per whatever will satisfy your requirements.  All of our other simplex strainers are based upon either a cast or molded body whereas the model 90 is designed and fabricated manually.


Our website lists the base 150# and 300# designs made of carbon steel and 316L stainless steel, however we can offer higher pressure class versions and all sorts of exotic alloys for material of construction, provide for corrosion allowance, install additional nozzles, manways, and other application specific features which may be desired.


The model 90 sizes have two options for the basket chamber cover, either a bolted cover or a hinged "quick opening cover" which uses eyebolts to hold the cover down.  The hinged quick-opening cover design eliminates the need for a cover lift davit assembly and reduces the lifting force enough that a single operator can open the cover to access the basket.Quick-opening cover for 24" modle 90 simplex strainer


Cover lift davits are an option for the larger size strainers which might require it; once you exceed 24" the hinged quick-opening cover is no longer an option because the cover weight is too much.


Another standard option are mounting legs.  Model 90's can be manufactured with flat bottoms to be supported by a mounting pad the customer supplies or we can attach non-adjustable legs to provide a specific inlet/outlet nozzle height above grade.


Other customizations include offset nozzles; perhaps your application benefits for nozzles that are tangential to each other or not on the same plane.


Differential pressure kit
Internal/External coatings per a customer's specification
Zinc anodes
Non-destructive examination (L.P., x-ray, PMI, UT, MT, LD)
Welding procedures (WPS, PQR, WPQ)
ASME U code stamp
ASME UM stamp (where applicable)
CRN registration
ASME code calculations
Certified material test report
NDE report
Seismic calculations
Wind load calculations
Domestic export documentation
Shelf life certificate


We've taken a unique approach to this website.  We list the 150# class model 90 strainers by material in order from smallest to largest and in addition to discounted pricing we provide links to their outline drawing and a calculator embedded within the webpage to help ensure the strainer you choose is properly sized for the intended application.


Of course you can always contact us for immediate assistance and the best way to receive assistance is to complete our application oriented inquiry form.