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 Pump Suction Simplex Strainers


Model 510 simplex strainerCutaway of model 510 simplex strainerModel 510 simplex strainers are made of either cast iron or steel and have a unique multiple basket design to enable personnel to easily remove and clean baskets.  Designed for large pipeline systems for flow rates up to 40,000 GPM, the model 510 simplex strainers four baskets provide high particulate removal capacity.


Especially for larger pipelines of 8" to 30", basket removal often requires overhead lift devices and are not easily cleaned due to the depth of the strainer basket.  The four basket design reduces the height of the basket to a minimum and the overall strainer size is also as small as possible. 


Keeping the overall height of the strainer minimal (i.e. the overall height of a 16" model 510 is about 30") enables personnel to lift the baskets from the strainer and clean them much easier.  A cover lift davit is available as an option and is required for the larger size strainers.


Which style simplex strainer is best?


That's a tough question to answer without knowledge of your application.  Assuming cast iron is an acceptable material, we offer 8" sizes in the 30R, 72, and the 510 series.  Of those three choices the model 72 would be about twice the cost of the 30R and the 510 will be about 6 times more expensive, so if the decision was cost based, the model 30R "wins".  However, if the particle loading is continuous, meaning particulate is constantly being introduced into the strainer, the model 72 has a slightly larger basket and might be the better choice.  When you anticipate very high particulate loading or perhaps occasional "slugs" of material to remove (perhaps seasonal stresses such as falling leaves in raw water) the 510 series would be a better investment.


Even though we try to provide as much information as possible to help you decide which model is best for your application by providing links to outline drawings and an embedded differential pressure calculator it is always a great idea to contact us using our application oriented inquiry form.  We usually respond within 24 hours.