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Automatic Strainers


Automatic strainers, sometimes referred to as self-cleaning or Backwashing Strainers are designed for applications that require continuous operation.  Backwashing Strainers are available for pipeline sizes from 2" to 48", although at a starting cost of about $11,000 for a 2" cast iron unit, they usually become a cost efficient choice for 8" and larger size pipelines.  This also corresponds with the increased space and effort required to operate large duplex strainers.


A primary reason to use automatic strainers is for high solids loading that would otherwise require frequent basket cleaning.  Higher flow rate applications require larger baskets, which can be heavy and a burden to remove and clean.  Automatic strainers eliminate the manual process of monitoring and cleaning baskets.


Most automatic strainers are operated with a control panel enabling element cleaning based upon field settable differential pressure, which is a reflection of the solids loading in the strainer.  Timed actuation and a manual override are also part of a typical control system.


Although these are mostly used for straining raw water after a traveling screen, we offer these in 316SS and alloys that are suitable for potable water and chemically aggressive applications.


Different types of Automatic Strainers


Some, like the one to the left, use differential pressure to reverse flow through the element openings.  We also offer less expensive and simpler designs called Flushing Strainers that enable you to "flush" material accumulated in the bottom of the basket.  These are manufactured from modified cast strainers and therefore relatively inexpensive with short manufacturing lead times.


Backwashing and flushing strainers are used for relatively coarse filtration applications, using mostly perforated elements and baskets.  For lower flow rates, finer particle retention and for designs which minimize product waste we offer mechanically cleaned and tubular backwashing designs.


Mechanically cleaned strainers


Tubular Backwashing Filters

These physically scrape away collected solids to be purged from the system, minimizing the process fluid loss and therefore they are well suited for treated water and chemistries being processed that aren't "flushable". Designed for smaller particle retention sizes than the other designs, these are capable of high flow rate microfiltration using permanent filter cartridges that are intermittently backwashed by controlling the flow path.


Due to the number of automated strainer and filter designs offered, we decided to dedicate an entire website to this class of strainer/filter.  Please visit our automatic strainer website for additional details about the various automatic strainers that we offer or skip right to our specialized inquiry form and we will have a specialist contact you with our recommendations.