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Filtration Articles Library


This page is dedicated to articles written by Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc in order to better educate the user on various filtration topics. Our goal is to focus on both basic and more complex concepts while presenting the information in layman terms for everyone to understand.


Article 1: SIMPLEX STRAINERS: Differences between Y and Basket Style Strainers SIMPLEX STRAINERS ARTICLE

Article 2: BASKET STRAINERS: Differences between Simplex and Duplex Style StrainersSIMPLEX STRAINERS ARTICLE

Article 3: Consider the Effects of Fluid Velocity and Differential Pressure when Selecting Pipeline StrainersSIMPLEX STRAINERS ARTICLE

Article 4: How to Choose Between a Wye and Tee StrainerSIMPLEX STRAINERS ARTICLE

Article 5: Introducing the TBH Series Ball ValveSIMPLEX STRAINERS ARTICLE