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Clear duplex strainer

EASTAR™ Duplex Strainers

Calculator Instructions:

1) Select strainer size.

2) Input the design flw rate in GPM.

3) Input the Specific Gravity of the fluid if other than water.

4) Select the Viscosity if other than water.


The corresponding clean differential pressure chart will update automatically to reflect the data input.


NOTE: The inlet velocity should be ≤ 5 FPS and the maximum clean differential pressure should be ≤ 2 PSI.

  ½" SOCKET/FNPT EPDM DBC050STE $1,482.27
FPM DBC050ST $1,559.10
  ½" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC050FE $1,517.42
FPM DBC050F $1,596.35
  ¾" SOCKET/FNPT EPDM DBC075STE $1,482.27
FPM DBC075ST $1,559.10
  ¾" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC075FE $1,517.42
FPM DBC075F $1,569.35
  1" SOCKET/FNPT EPDM DBC100STE $1,482.27
FPM DBC100ST $1,559.54
  1" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC100FE $1,517.42
FPM DBC100F $1,596.35
  1¼" SOCKET/FNPT EPDM DBC125STE $2,308.18
FPM DBC125ST $2,427.47
  1¼" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC125FE $2,394.52
FPM DBC150F $2,519.87
  1½" SOCKET/FNPT EPDM DBC150STE $2,308.18
FPM DBC150ST $2,427.47
  1½ 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC150FE $2,394.52
FPM DBC150F $2,519.87
  2" SOCKET/FNPT EPDM DBC200STE $2,308.18
FPM DBC200ST $2,427.47
  2" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC200FE $2,394.52
FPM DBC200F $2,519.87
  3" FNPT EPDM DBC300TE $5,772.28
FPM DBC300T $6,070.68
  3" SOCKET EPDM DBC300SE $5,772.28
FPM DBC300S $6,070.68
  3" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC300FE $6,037.90
FPM DBC300F $6,354.02
  4" FNPT EPDM DBC400TE $5,772.28
FPM DBC400T $6,070.68
  4" SOCKET EPDM DBC400SE $5,772.28
FPM DBC400S $6,070.68
  4" 150# FLANGE EPDM DBC400FE $6,137.15
FPM DBC400F $6,458.44
Discounted pricing for our Eastar™ duplex strainers for 1/2" to 4" size pipelines is listed below.  Eastar™ copolyester is a clear, amorphous material which enables you to see the strainer baskets without opening the basket chambers.


Eastar™ is a trademark owned by Eastman Chemical Company.


The pricing table includes PVC perforated baskets (specify 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" perforations).  If you prefer stainless steel or mesh lined baskets please refer to the price adder table at the bottom of this page to determine the applicable cost adder.


The basket chamber covers for our Eastar™ duplex strainers have been ergonomically designed with large handles for easy removal without tools.  The inlet and outlet can be oriented on the same side as shown above or can be facing opposite directions (in-line flow configuration).  The strainer bottom is flat and has molded mounting slots.


You can install plastic strainers into alloy pipelines, however it is suggested that you also include plastic pipe at least 10 pipe diameters long on both the inlet and outlet sides of the strainer to account for the different thermal expansion rates of alloy and plastics, pipe vibration and loading forces.


Eastar™ duplex strainers usually ship within 7-10 days after receipt of an order.  If lead time is critical please contact us and we'll confirm the lead time required.


The differential pressure calculator can be used to estimate the clean differential pressure for your specific application.  The recommended fluid velocity minimizes the effects of valve closure and pump start-up or shut-down.


Likewise, the reason for the clean differential pressure limitation is to maximize the time between basket cleaning.  Once the differential pressure is ≥ 5 PSI the basket should be cleaned. 




Cost Adder for (2) Stainless Steel Baskets
Pipe Size ½" - 1" 1¼" - 2" 2½" - 4"
Perforated: 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" $190.15 $233.85 $457.66
Mesh: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100
Mesh 200 $262.72 $313.18 $616.53
Mesh 325 $277.82 $329.59 $639.74