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Model 570 Duplex Strainers

Pricing: Iron     Pricing: Steel

model 570 duplex strainermodel 570 duplex strainer drawingModel 570 duplex strainers are available in cast iron and cast carbon steel materials and designed for high flow rate pump suction applications.  Model 570 duplex strainers are available for 8" to 24" pipelines.


The diversion of flow is accomplished by a pair of linked sliding disc valves manually actuated via hand wheels and having a fully enclosed valve stem.

The model 570 has an ergonomic basket chamber design; rather than using one large basket per chamber, there are four smaller baskets per chamber.  Especially with larger pipelines, single basket designs often require overhead lifting equipment to lift the basket from the chamber and similarly are difficult to clean and replace into the strainer body.  The four basket design  eliminates the need for an overhead lift, enabling personnel to physically lift and clean the baskets without difficulty.  Using multiple elements also maximizes the open area ratio and the amount of material that can be removed before cleaning is required.


Navigate to the desired material of construction and each pricing table has links to the strainers customizable datasheet and outline drawing.