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Duplex Strainers


  • 10" TO 18" CAST DUPLEX
Duplex Strainers are designed for continuous applications where the flow cannot be interrupted to clean the basket.  We offer duplex strainers in cast iron, carbon steel, 316SS, bronze, polypropylene, PVC and CPVC.  Using the navigation menu above, select the desired material of construction and the applicable pricing page listing all the sizes and configurations for that material will be listed.  Each strainer has a customizable performance chart to enable you to double-check the clean differential pressure based upon your flow rate and your fluid's specific gravity and viscosity.


Our duplex strainers simplify the diversion of flow from one basket chamber to the other while sealing the dirty basket chamber so it can be safely accessed and cleaned.


The model 53BTX utilizes a ball valve-like cartridge which is very easy to operate and provides a well isolated dirty basket chamber.


The Model 50 uses a tapered plug valve, so to divert the flow and isolate the dirty chamber there is an additional step of unseating and then reseating the diverting plug.  The diverting plug has a metal-to-metal seal with the strainer body and isolates the chamber well enough to change-out baskets.


The Model 52, which is available in cast iron only, uses four butterfly valves linked to a single gear-operator simultaneously isolate the dirty basket chamber while opening the clean basket chamber.


The Model 570 is a throwback to the old days of really heavy castings and is available for pipelines up to 24".  This version uses two pairs of sliding gate valves linked together via a single operator for isolation and diversion of flow.  This design also uses (4) baskets per chamber so it is easier for a person to remove and clean them - something not possible with single basket designs for the larger sizes.


We also offer custom fabricated duplex strainers made of carbon steel, 316SS, PVC, CPVC and Polypropylene in addition to exotic alloys.  The advantage of custom fabricated duplex strainers is that they can be made with an ASME code stamp (alloy versions only), can have a corrosion allowance (alloy versions only) and customized in other ways such as special materials of construction, inlet/outlet orientation and custom coating procedures.


The advantage of cast duplex strainers are usually quicker lead times (typically a few days or a week compared to 8+ weeks for custom fabricated strainers) and lower prices.


You'll note that we provide a suggested maximum flow range for each size strainer.  These figures are based upon maintaining a maximum of 2 PSI clean pressure drop with a perforated basket.  Using the "2 PSI guideline" helps to ensure the frequency of basket cleanings is kept to a minimum.


There are multiple designs for some materials and connection sizes, which one is best for your application depends upon your design criteria and we would be glad to assist with the selection process, please send us an inquiry today!